Australian Champion

Tambuzi How Soon Is Now



Sierra has a wonderfully happy-go-lucky playful temperament. She is Miss personality plus. Playful if not a little high spirited. She is an immensely happy dog. Other pack members are always greeted with a wagging tail and a Basenji 'pat' on the head.

She insists that all human visitors are met with a wag of the tail and a kisses. Into the bargain and given the chance, she will also ensure the cleanliness of the ears of all visitors.

Photos below taken at various ages.

Parents & Date of Birth

Sire: Aust Ch Tambuzi Secret Keeper
Dam: Aust Grand Ch Tambuzi At Light Speed

Date of Birth: 30 June 2010

Health Results

Fanconi Syndrome: Normal by Parentage History (Verified)
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: Normal by Parentage History (Verified)
Late onset PRA: Carrier
Coloboma: Normal
PRA: Normal
Cataracts: Normal
Hip Score: 3:2 Score 5

Homozygosity by DNA: 89%
DNA Profiled: Yes

OFA 2012: Normal by Parentage History BJ-FAC1123/174F-VPI
OFA 2010: Probable Normal BJ-FAC3429/3F-NOPI

Titled Progeny