Adam Druce is an authorised DNA collector for Orivet.

The use of DNA to evaluate and report on parentage, disease status and traits of dogs (and other animals) is fast becoming an invaluable tool to the discerning breeder. I have been interested in pedigrees, disease eradication and DNA for a long time. An opportunity arose in 2011 with Australian Specialised Animal Pathology (ASAP Lab) and in early 2012 after passing an written examination and attending a short on-line course I am now authorised to take DNA (by cheek swab) for testing. The disease evaluation and DNA testing formerly run by  ASAP Lab. is now processed by Orivet. Orivet is currently partnered with Animal DNA Laboratory.

ASAP Lab still handles pathology and other animal diagnostics. Orivet now handles the largest range of DNA testing for dogs including mixed breeds and cats. A list of diseases can be viewed here. A list of traits available can be viewed here. In 2012 Orivet launched an on-line parentage verification tool using cutting edge technology. This on-line system gives breeders and puppy purchasers assurance of the parentage of a puppy.

For Basenjis Orivet can provide DNA profiling, DNA storage plus disease testing for Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency and Late onset PRA (PRA-BJ1).

I normally have my DNA collection kits and other required equipment with me at most dog shows. Feel free to contact me to arrange a convenient time for your dog's DNA to be collected. There is no charge for this collection service.