Basenji puppy

Preservation Breeder

Carefully selecting for temperament, health, and conformation

Puppy Purchase

Careful consideration of the dog breed suitable for your lifestyle is critical when deciding which breed will make the best companion for your family. Puppy purchasers should be aware that Basenji puppies will normally go on to live 12-16 years. Good nutrition and veterinary care, especially in old age can be expensive. All dog owners have an obligation for responsible dog ownership.

Early environmental enrichment and stimulation is essential.  "A puppy that is raised in an impoverished environment has a smaller brain. It has the same number of cells, but not as many wired together." Coppinger (2001)

Tambuzi Basenjis is a preservation breeder. This means my breeding program is designed to protect the legacy of breeders that first rediscovered this remarkable breed. I breed to preserve the breed as closely as possible to the breed standard and aspirations of those first breeders. To breed Basenjis with the correct shape, proportions and substance yet maintaining degree of elegance synonymous for the breed. I breed so that future generations carry on the genetics required to maintain the Basenji as it evolved. By extensive health testing of my Basenjis I ensure that future generations are not marred with the health concerns of the past.

Purchasing a puppy from Tambuzi comes with significant benefits:

Puppy Pack - Offered with Puppies 2021

  • Access to the puppy development page on this website which offers information about the litter; daily weight chart; photos & videos; worming details; vaccination details; puppy check list; diet information; socialisation & training; wellbeing and the law and your responsibilities
  • Healthy well adjusted puppy of at least 8 weeks old (puppies will not be homed earlier than 8 weeks)
  • Puppy will have up-to-date vaccinations (C3) to the date or transfer
  • Puppy that is fully wormed up until the date of transfer
  • Puppy will be microchipped
  • Puppy health check prior to sale
  • Microchip transfer of ownership will be completed and is included in the purchase price
  • Puppy will be registered with Full or Limited Registration with the ANKC (DOGS Victoria). Pedigree Registration papers are supplied and signed. Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) transfer of ownership is included in the purchase price.
  • Puppy will be eye screened at 6-7 weeks by an Australian Canine Eye Scheme  (ACES) eye specialist. A copy of the ACES eye screening examination is provided to the new owner
  • Copy of DNA profiles of both parents (where available) - the report will outline any molecular DNA diseases tests carried out on the parents and where available these health results is provided to the new owner
  • Copy of any other health certification run on parents is supplied where possible/completed including eye screening and/or hip scoring
  • Comprehensive information pack: diet sheet; socialisation; training; raising a puppy; vaccination information; worming information; breed health information; breed characteristics; responsible dog ownership information; photos of the pup as he/she develops
  • Profile report - a snapshot of all medical history; vaccination, worming along with whelping details, DNA testing and more
  • Toy
  • Contract of sale: signed by all parties. The contract is designed to protect the puppy in all instances. Certain assurances are outlined in this document. Any special conditions of sale will be noted in the contract. Puppies sold as companions are sold on a de-sexing contract; the method of and timing of desexing will be discussed
  • 1 year membership of the Victorian Basenji Breed Association Inc.
  • Lifetime return: if for whatever reason a puppy is no longer wanted Tambuzi will take the puppy back at any time.
  • Lifetime support: questions, problems, and issues are diligently answered. Assistance with any problem no matter how small for the dog's life.


I will be breeding in 2021. If you are interested to know more about my 2021 litter an expression of interest is open. Basenjis only have one season a year and litters are normally born late May-July.