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Preservation Breeder - Litter Plans for 2023

Carefully selecting for temperament, health, and conformation

Puppy Purchase

Careful consideration of the dog breed suitable for your lifestyle is critical when deciding which breed will make the best companion for your family. Puppy purchasers should be aware that Basenji puppies will normally go on to live 14-16 years, and sometimes up to 18 years and beyond - this is a long lived breed. Given the puppy received good nutrition receives annual wellness checks and is not over-vaccinated the puppy will give you many years of faithful companionship. Of course, veterinary care, especially in old age can be expensive. My methods and feeding regime are designed to minimise veterinary visits and costs throughout the dogs life. All dog owners should also be aware that they have an obligation for responsible dog ownership.

Early environmental enrichment and stimulation is essential.  "A puppy that is raised in an impoverished environment has a smaller brain. It has the same number of cells, but not as many wired together." Coppinger (2001)

I have my own method of raising my puppies using researched methods. Commencing at birth my method builds and enhances the puppy's senses which in turn has a positive effect on cognitive function.

Tambuzi Basenjis is a preservation breeder. This means my breeding program is designed to protect the legacy of breeders that first rediscovered this remarkable breed. I breed to preserve the breed as closely as possible to the breed standard and aspirations of those first breeders. To breed Basenjis with the correct shape, proportions and substance yet maintaining degree of elegance synonymous for the breed. I breed so that future generations carry on the genetics required to maintain the Basenji as it evolved. By extensive health testing of my bloodline, I ensure that future generations are not marred with the health concerns of the past.

Puppy Pack - Offered with Puppies 2023

In addition to the benefits listed below after some very positive feedback from puppy owners 2022, the trial run of several free virtual puppy 'training' sessions conducted by a professional dog trainer will be offered in 2023.

Purchasing a puppy from Tambuzi comes with significant benefits including heavily discounted council registration*:

*Victorian residents only.

  • Access to the puppy development page and resources which offers information about the litter; track the puppies; daily weight chart; photos & videos; worming details; vaccination details. Comprehensive information is provided on these pages to assist the Basenji owner; puppy check list; diet information; socialisation & training; health, wellbeing and a holistic approach to raising your puppy; and the law and your responsibilities as a pet owner;


Basenjis only have one season a year and litters are normally born late May-July. If you would like details about the breed and its suitability for your lifestyle. And to be advised of forth coming litter preparations. Feel free to complete the form below:

Internet myths about the Basenji

  • Basenjis are not hypoallergenic - Basenjis have a short coat that some people are allergic to. The breed does shed, normally after winter and some have a full coat change at this time.
  • Basenjis are not quiet or mute - the breed does not bark like other dogs. However, it is far from mute and/or quiet. A Basenji that is unhappy or left alone can make a lot of noise and/or can become highly destructive.
  • Basenjis are not overly suitable for apartments - unless there is someone home almost all of the time or there is a fully fenced outside area, Basenjis can be problematic in apartments.

Puppy Weight Tracking

Puppy Whelping Details

  • Owners will receive a healthy, well adjusted puppy, of at least 8 weeks old (puppies will not be homed earlier than 8 weeks);
  • The puppy will have up-to-date vaccinations (C3 or C4) to the date or transfer. New owners will receive my vaccine protocol (vaccination is essential but vaccination does not mean imunisation) which they can take to their vet. This protocol is to ensure the puppy segregates an immune response (the purpose of vaccination) to the 3 core diseases (Parvo, Hepatitis and Distemper). It is scientific and I will assist owners as to when vaccinations are due. I advocate titre testing to check the puppy has developed antibodies to prevent disease and I will assist new owners with when and how to do this. This program ensures your puppy is not over vaccinated which can cause negative health outcomes and is unnecessarily costly;
  • The puppy has been fed a wholesome, natural, raw diet. I will offer new owners assistance with feeding and diet. Feeding has a direct correlation to health and therefore veterinary expenses.
  • The puppy will be fully wormed up until the date of transfer. The new owner will receive continued support to ensure the puppy is kept parasite free without the need for medication known to cause a number of serious side effects;
  • The owner will receive a detailed profile report for their puppy. This report is a snapshot of all medical history; vaccination, worming along with whelping details, DNA testing and more information about the puppy itself. The profile is also a checklist for the new owner as it outlines what you need to do for the puppy and when - I also offer free reminders during the first few months of your journey with the puppy;
  • The puppy will be microchipped;
  • The transfer of ownership for the microchip will be completed by me and is included in the purchase price of the puppy - the microchip will be registered with Central Animal Records which mean if it should be lost it will be repatriated with you through the details held on the microchip;
  • The puppy will have a health check prior to sale and a copy of the veterinary report is provided to the new owner prior to purchase;
  • The puppy will be registered on the Main or Limited Registry with the ANKC (DOGS Victoria). Pedigree Registration papers are supplied and signed unless otherwise contracted. Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) transfer of ownership is included in the purchase price.
  • For puppies registered on the Dogs Australia (ANKC) Limited Register - 1 year Companion Membership of Dogs Victoria and the transfer of puppy into new owners name is included in the purchase price. In Victoria this gives new owners significant benefits in that in 1. you will receive a heavily discounted council registration rate (same as the desexed rate) 2. you will be exempt from desexing the puppy in councils in Victoria that have mandatory desexing at a very young age (early desexing is now known to cause many detrimental health outcomes);
  • The puppy will be eye screened at 6-7 weeks by an Australian Canine Eye Scheme  (ACES) eye specialist. I am one of the only breeders in Australia that eye screens with ACES all puppies before they go to their forever homes. A copy of the ACES eye screening examination is provided to the new owner as part of the 'puppy manual'. This eye screen will identify any congenital eye issues (issues the puppy is born with) purchasers will know if any congenital eye issues exist before they purchase a puppy from me;
  • Where available a copy of the DNA profiles of both parents. This report will outline any molecular DNA diseases tests carried out on the parents and where available these health results is provided to the new owner in the 'puppy manual'.  No puppy purchased from me will be at risk for any disease where a DNA test applicable to Basenjis is available - guaranteed;
  • A health declaration and health guarantees as outlined on this page are provided;
  • Where completed a copy of any other health certification for the parents is supplied in the 'puppy manual'; including eye screening and/or hip scoring. Everything is upfront in writing and not an un-substantiated verbal 'everything is ok';
  • A comprehensive puppy manual/information pack is provided to new owners. This manual includes information such as; diet sheet; socialisation; training; raising a puppy; vaccination and titre testing information; holistic health and wellbeing - a natural health approach to raising the puppy; worming information; breed health information; breed characteristics; responsible dog ownership information; and much more;
  • A comprehensive puppy pack including toys, grooming equipment and products, food, and toys are provided as a goodbye gift - for puppies travelling by air toys are not permitted in the puppy's crate  - in this case a blanket is also provided and as much as the puppy pack as practical is posted;
  • A contract of sale: signed by all parties finalising the sale. The contract is designed to protect the puppy in all instances. Certain assurances are outlined in this document to protect the purchaser. Any special conditions of sale will be noted in the contract.
  • 1 year membership of the Victorian Basenji Breed Association Inc.
  • Lifetime return: if for whatever reason a puppy is no longer wanted, I will take the puppy/adult back at any time.
  • Lifetime support: questions, problems, and issues are diligently answered. Assistance with any problem no matter how small for the dog's life.

Better condition, better muscle tone and better life outcomes: my puppies are weaned on quality raw, wet food some commercially available and some home prepared, and quickly transition to a mix of home prepared raw based and commercially available raw diets. Puppies are never fed dry 'kibble' food or commercially prepared, highly processed and extruded food. I offer a full and comprehensive puppy manual which fully explains the easy approach to raw-based healthy feeding. 

Health Guarantee’s

  • 7 Day Cooling Off Period

    A period of 7 days from the date of purchase is provided as a cooling off period. If for whatever reason the Buyer decides that the puppy is not suitable, I will take back the puppy. The price paid less the amount agreed as the non-refundable payment (not more than 25% of the purchase price) will be returned to the Buyer once the puppy is returned to me.  Any associated transport costs for the return of the puppy are at the Buyers expense.

  • 21 Day Return Guarantee

    If within 21 days from purchase and as a result of a medical examination a veterinarian determines that the puppy is not in acceptable health, on provision of a written statement outlining the medical reasons for the veterinarians determinations the Buyer can elect to:
    1. keep the puppy and in doing so undertakes to provide any medical care required. I will have no obligation to offer a refund but will, in most circumstances, offer some reasonable compensation to the Buyer, or
    2. return the puppy. I will refund the full price (100%) of the puppy less any costs associated with pre-sale services.

  • 3 Year Health Guarantee

    If a puppy is diagnosed with, is suffering from, dies of, or is euthanased from a physical defect or disease that is directly traceable to the point of sale within 3 years of purchase, I will, subject to a second veterinary opinion, refund 100% of the purchase price where the Buyer provides supporting statements from a veterinary practitioner, including test results where a suitable test is available. The Buyer must make veterinary reports and test results available to me in order that I may obtain my own veterinary advice (second opinion), and for the purpose of informing future breeding decisions.