Australian Champion 

Tambuzi Secret Of Roan Inish



The combination of Ringo and Sierra was sure to produce Basenjis with personality and loving temperaments. Willow's dam, Sierra, wants to be everyone's friend, dog or human. This has certainly transferred to her puppies. Combined with happy-go-lucky Ringo, Willow is an affectionate Basenji - who will wag her tail to just about anyone. She is soft and loving but maintaining a certain independence.

In the show ring Willow is consistently winning her breed class. She is a Runner up in Group ( BIG-2), multi Class in Group winner and has Class in Show awards to her credit. Her results, so far, are very encouraging especially at breed level, where she is competing against a number of quality exhibits. Willow is a consistent Best of Breed winner under local and international judges. The quality of the class winners of the other breeds both in the Hound Group and Class in Show line up is excellent and any award at group or show level is an honour to win.

I'm thrilled with comments from several judges, both local and international, about Willow's balance, construction and movement.

I'm looking forward to seeing Willow mature in the coming years.

2014 BCOV Championship Show - Judge: Lisa Tyler-Jackson (UK)

Tambuzi Secret Of Roan Inish, littermate to BP (Best Puppy) and of similar excellent type. Very good front with good fill and return, clean fine bone, good feet, level topline and very nice movement. Not quite as free behind as 1.

Parents & Date of Birth

Sire: Aust Ch Debrak On The Road Again (AI)
Dam: Aust Ch Tambuzi How Soon Is Now

Date of Birth: 24 June 2013

Health Results

Fanconi Syndrome: Normal By Parentage History (Verified proof of parentage)
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: Normal By Parentage History (Verified proof of parentage)
Late onset PRA: Carrier
Coloboma: Normal
PRA: Normal by visual evaluation.
Cataracts: Normal
Hip Score: Not tested
Thyroid: Not Tested
Factor VII Deficiency: Normal

DNA Profiled: Yes

ASAP: Normal By Parentage History (Verified proof of parentage) 13-034289
Sire: BJ-FAC2705/29M-VPI
Dam: BJ-FAC3429/21F-VPI

Championship Points

100 points attained at 9 months 26 days
Titled 19/4/14