Australian Champion

Tamsala Fire And Ice


15.6.1997 - 6.10.2013

A tribute to Lindi

On Sunday afternoon, 6th October, I had to make the hard decision to say goodbye to my beautiful old girl, Lindi.

Ch Tamsala Fire And Ice, Lindi-Lou was the epitome of the Basenji, clever and cunning with a certain streak of independent naughtiness.

The contents of my fridge were never safe if the child lock was not in place. The pillows on my bed never completely safe at breeding season. And the pockets of my trousers never safe after returning from a show – because it was easier and quicker to bite through the inside of the pocket than put ones snout into the pocket to steal any leftover goodies!  She was an amazing dog in every respect. The start of my involvement of the breed, the start of my kennel.

Over the past few years she was allowed outside without being on lead. I would go out with her and she would turn and give me the most offensive look ‘how dare you look at me.....I want to scarper next door....” It was with great amusement I turned away then looked back to see her trotting off down the drive, hanging a right turn and trotting down the neighbours drive in her little red coat. She used to get treats from the old lady that used to live didn’t matter that she had moved 3 years never know she might be back! And besides the new family have a rabbit and it might have left some of its food or the kids could have dropped good food on the ground.

During her latter years Lindi developed a persistent cough. An allergic airway disease. Finding the allergen that caused the irritation was impossible so various maintenance medications were employed to keep the cough to a minimum. I thank Dr Aine Seavers who has treated a number of Basenjis with this issue in NSW and my vet Dr Sue Collins for  their support. I will write more on this issue later. Other than this Lindi was a healthy and vibrant individual.

 Her legacy will live on in her progeny here in Australia and America and in her descendants in Australia, America and Europe.

Now at rest, she will never be forgotten.

Lindi is the foundation of Tambuzi.  Showing and breeding were not in the forefront of my mind when I purchased Lindi. Lindi came with me to obedience training. She would quite happily remain in a drop stay for 20 minutes off lead whilst I assisted in a socialisation class for the other dogs. Soon after I went to watch a dog show. Then entered my first show. Got bitten by the "show bug" and the rest is history.

Lindi has a wonderful temperament. She loves people - especially on a cold night. Many years ago she had a special affection to my friends donkey "Buffy".  I'm not sure if that affection was mutual. She is less tolerant in her old age.....especially of puppies. She gives them a very load ‘go back to your mother I don't do kids anymore’ if they come close.

Most Basenjis do not like the water let alone swimming. Lindi did’t read that rule and on a hot day (only a hot day) she would go into the dam and swim after other dogs who were swimming after the ‘kong’

Lindi went into pillow destruction mode at about Basenji breeding season. If my bedroom door was left open during that time it would invariably mean a trip to the shops to purchase new pillows. This pillow destruction was seen by Lindi as an opportunity of making a nice nest in case she had puppies. The pillows were dispatched by stealth. She would leave her bed (the couch) sneak, seek and destroy. Then be back on the couch sleeping before you knew anything had happened. I was often left wondering who did it? Until on a couple of occasions she gave the game away by trying to spit out pillow fluff that had gotten stuck to her tongue!

Since then, for the for the past 8 years her greatest ambition is opening the fridge door. Unfortunately she has ‘trained’ her daughter to do the same. She is extremely cunning and will, open, dart in, steal, and go to eat her spoils in a secluded area, unseen. To return before you had noticed she had gone.

The photos in the gallery below were taken when Lindi was 10 years old.

Parents & Date of Birth

Sire: BISS Aust Ch Lomar Ex Traordinare
Dam: BIS Aust Ch Tamsala Snow Crystal

Date of Birth: 15 June 1997

Health Results

Fanconi Syndrome: Normal
Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency: Normal
PPM: Normal
Coloboma: Normal
PRA: Normal
Cataracts: Normal
Hip Score: 2:2 Score 4
Thyroid: Normal

DNA Profiled: Yes

OFA 2011Normal BJ-FAC1123/174F-VPI
OFA 2007: Probable Normal

Titled Litter Mates

Aust Ch Tamsala Come In Spinner
Aust Ch Tamsala Penny Wise

Titled Progeny

Aust Ch Tambuzi The Tamperer (AI)
Aust Ch Tambuzi Take That (AI)
Am Ch Tambuzi Kelele (exp USA)
Aust Ch Tambuzi Totally Trifik
Aust Ch Tambuzi Totally Tamika