Happy 16 Birthday Meja

Heres to a very happy 16 birthday Meja - my oldie - Ch Tambuzi The Tamperer (AI). Meja is progeny from my very first litter and was born 16 May 1999. Her sire Am Ch Jamila's Madahiro Re (SDHR) and her dam Ch Tamsala Fire And Ice.

Meja's photos (below) were taken in March 2015 - on top of a wood stack which was the only way to keep her still. The dam is a wonderful setting for photos but seeing how she ran home twice during the 'photo shoot' - I was puffed out running back to get her (she was fine) - I gave up on that one. Meja is slightly OCD when it comes to doors - she loves opening them! This includes my fridge (a wonderful trick learnt from her mother) and the screen door - to come back in - yes you heard right - back into the house. Meja still can hold her own in the pack and adores puppies - she endeavoured to suckle my last litter, but found she is a little 'long in the tooth' for that operation - so whilst mum fed Meja cleaned - team effort!