Royal Melbourne Show Breed Showcase

Over four days 28 September to 1 October 2014 several of my dogs represented Basenjis and the Victorian Basenji Breed Association at the Melbourne Royal - Breed Showcase. The Royal Agricultural Society's Royal Melbourne Show is the largest dog show in the southern hemisphere.

Ringo, Arthur, Raven and Willow were in attendance from Tambuzi along with Lexie and Tryst. What wonderful ambassadors they were for the breed. Ringo, particularly loves children and watches out for the next pram or pushchair knowing full well what the contents are. We noticed that he got particularly anxious when he heard a baby crying. And was most upset if a toddler walked on past our stand without saying 'hello'. He is particularly gentle with babies and even when one decided to kick him he went back up for a pat. Once Arthur had discovered that the black marks in the concrete floor were not food he too took all the attention in his stride and waited patiently whilst he was hugged and patted.

We had quite a number of comments about how laid back and quiet the dogs were. Some were surprised to learn that at home they could sometimes turn into whirling dervishes. Mind you after being patted by hundreds of people Ringo was, at the end of the day, looking like he was in a sleep walk.

We also were asked to be 'extras' in the filming of a TV show for a local TV station.