Vale – Lindi

On Sunday afternoon, 6th October, I had to make the hard decision to say goodbye to my beautiful old girl, Lindi, Ch Tamsala Fire And Ice. Lindi-Lou was the epitome of the Basenji, clever and cunning with a certain streak of independent naughtiness. The contents of my fridge were never safe if the child lock was not in place. The pillows on my bed never completely safe at breeding season. And the pockets of my trousers never safe after returning from a show – because it was easier and quicker to bite through the inside of the pocket than put ones snout into the pocket to steal any leftover goodies!  She was an amazing dog in every respect. The start of my involvement of the breed, the start of my kennel. Her amazing legacy will continue here in Australia, in America and Europe through her progeny and their descendants.  Now at rest, she will never be forgotten.