Willow’s Hip Score

Willow's (Ch Tambuzi Secret Of Roan Inish) PennHip evaluation report was received last week. Very pleased with her result. Both hips DI 0.29, with no evidence of OA in either hip. Willow's hips are ranked in the tightest 5% of the breed. The breed ranges from 0.29 (Willows score being the tightest) to 0.78.

The breed average DI is now to 0.46. This is disappointing as the average is higher some of the breeds one expects to have higher scores; for example, German Shepherd Dogs have an average score of 0.40, 0.6 lower than Basenjis!

I was amazed by the efficiency of the result - the X-rays were only taken one day and back the next from the US - well done PennHIP!