I think my dog has had a Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) what can I do?

Firstly take your dogs to your vet. Once diagnosed your vet will give you some medication. Be sure to advise your vet that Basenjis often look really bad when having a CVA but given the correct medication they normally recover very well.

In addition to the medications prescribed by your vet there are a few other things that you can do to assist your dogs speedy recovery:

  • Place the dog in a room with a comfortable temperature, i.e. not too hot or too cold;
  • Crate the dog if possible so the dog can't do more damage by wandering off when so dizzy;
  • Keep lights dim and minimal stimulation re noise etc.;
  • Avoid extremes of temperature;
  • Syringe teaspoons of water into mouth every 2-3 hrs first day – don't worry too much about them eating for the first 24-48hrs but on the second day you can try them with food;
  • Avoid any fatty or high meat diet meals for a while; and
  • Vegies and some boiled chicken or white fish usually the second day. Serve in small balls handed to the dog for a few days as eyes moving so fast and the dog so dizzy that they can't work out how to get the head in the bowl and pick up the food.

Note: it can take 4 days for a dog to begin to improve. They are normally back to normal by about day 10.

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