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Congrats to Lyra for attaining her Australian Supreme Champion title

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Genetically normal for Fanconi Syndrome

Purchase with Confidence

Parents health tested and DNA profiled

Genetically normal for PKD (HA)

Genetically normal or carrier for PRA-BJ1

Eyes screened with ACES

Exceptional temperaments

Parentage verified by DNA

Full, complete backup for the life of puppy

Tambuzi Basenjis

Basenji Breeders Victoria Australia

Preserving the Past, Present & Future

Tambuzi Basenjis; Basenji Breeders Victoria Australia is kennel devoted to this ancient dog breed. In Swahili Tambuzi  means intelligent, shrewd, clever, astute, quick-witted. This seemed to sum up the Basenji completely. I thought Tambuzi to be the perfect kennel name for this breed. I welcome you to browse through this website.  Review information about my Basenjis, health information, history, my breeding plans, links and resources. I am a member and registered breeder of DOGS Victoria. Should you have any questions about this truly unique breed, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Meja – Ch Tambuzi The Tamperer (AI)

 16 May 1999 – 29 July 2017
Team Tambuzi

Team Tambuzi

Meet Team Tambuzi; the current Tambuzi Show Team. Pages are also dedicated to retired and senior team members.

Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

The Basenji is an ancient breed that has evolved through ‘survival of the fittest’. Find out more about health concerns.



My focus includes temperament, health, owner assistance and education. Future litter plans and puppy buyers can expect.

About Tambuzi

About Tambuzi

I purchased by first Basenji in 1997. This is about me, my main hobby - Basenjis and about my judging assignments.


Royal Melbourne Show

We were pleased to assist the Victorian Basenji Breed Association Incwith their magnificent ‘Congo themed’ stand at the Rare Breeds Showcase. Farmer Dave, the MC, seemed interested in our breed and we enjoyed quite a lengthy interview in the arena. Tambuzi was well represented with my dogs attending over the 3 days.  Ringo, Willow, Raven, Arthur and their sister Khloe (owned by Junie) and Tobi (owned by Colleen) attended. The dogs loved every minute of it; the adults, the kids and even some babies visited the stand to pat the dogs. It was fantastic socialisation for the puppies. I don’t think Ringo has ever received so many pats and attention. When the show opened it got very busy. At one stage Ringo looked like he was in a coma so he went for a siesta – he was totally worn out but it all. The dogs really looked the part in their branded bandanas provided by the Club.


Horsham Agricultural Society – 2 Oct 2013

The day at Horsham was a baptism of fire for Team Tambuzi babies; Raven, Willow and Arthur. A cold day that saw some sunny spells interspersed with what felt like hurricane force winds which almost knocked dogs off the tables! To diving rain. Tambuzi Secret of Roan Inish (Willow) took Best Baby Puppy in Group at the afternoon show under Mr W Mooney. We waited patiently avoiding the rain storms and assisting in holding down gazebos in the wind. Just as we entered the ring for Best Baby Puppy in Show there was a major rain storm. Judging was stopped. The temperature dropped several degrees and poor Willow not only resembled a brindle as the rains streaked through her coat but was absolutely freezing.

Basenji puppies go to their new homes

The first of the puppies went to their new homes yesterday. After attending the Victorian Basenji Breed Association event at Lilydale lake Emily and Junie took little Newman and Khloe to their new respective homes. They had a very big day with the adults and did very well considering they had not had any lead training. Hopefully the excitement of the day meant that they had a good nights sleep and didn’t keep their new families awake!

Basenji Puppies


  • Health, Wellbeing & Temperament

    The health and wellbeing of the Basenjis I breed has always been and will continue to be a top priority. Veterinary science is an ever changing landscape of improvement and new technology. The advent of breed specific DNA tests such as the DNA test for Fanconi Syndrome has given breeders additional tools in the rearing of healthy puppies. I have developed a health management program that maximises the use of available DNA tests and scientifically valid screening methods. I am an authorised DNA collector for Orivet Genetic Pet Care.

    Temperament is equally important. The importance of well balanced socialisation in the first 14 weeks of a pup’s life cannot be over emphasized. I have developed my own process of nurturing puppies which begins before they are born. Although my methods may not be unique they work for me. Basenjis bred by Tambuzi have exceptional temperaments.

  • Dog Showing and Judging

    I enjoy dog showing as a hobby. Of course, we always enjoy coming home with a Best of Breed ribbon. I am a member of the Victorian Basenji Breed Association and DOGS Victoria. Tambuzi continues to be successful in the show ring. Aust Gr Ch Tambuzi At Light Speed is the youngest female Basenji to attain that title. Her daughter Aust Ch Tambuzi The Rinpoche of Qinghai attained her champion title in 7 months and 1 week.

    My involvement in the dog world has extended to judging. Passing theory and practical assessments to judge the Hound, Toy and Gundog Groups at championship show level. I have had the pleasure of judging the Hound, Gundog and Toy Groups in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and Hounds in South Australia. Including the Southern Region of NSW Hound Specialty and ‘special’ classes at the Saluki Club of Victoria’s Championship Show. I am now studying the Terrier Group.

  • Progressive & Forward Thinking

    Progressive thinking, the ability to change and take on board new and exciting technology are aspirations of Tambuzi Basenjis. Tambuzi is the first Australian Basenji kennel to utilize state-of-the-art genetic technology, Optimal Selection™  which I commenced using in 2012. Pilot studies carried out have shown an increase in average litter numbers. A reduction in disease and greater genetic diversity. As time goes by, with continuing research and development, one can only imagine how tools such as Optimal Selection™  will assist breeders in the future.

  • Information & Assistance

    I often received emails and calls with questions and concerns from Basenji owners. This has been in my capacity as a breeder and owner of this unique breed. Also in my position as Secretary of the Victorian Basenji Breed Assoc. I am more than happy to try and assist Basenji owners with any questions they might have. If I can’t help immediately I will research and ask some other long time breeders. Please feel free to make contact with me.


The next planned litters at Tambuzi will be bred in 2018. The dams will be Ch Tambuzi How Soon Is Now (Sierra).  And MBIS Supreme Ch Tambuzi The Secret Society (Lyra).  See Sierra and Lyra’s litters details on our next litter page.


We don’t bark


Basenji generally don’t bark. Their larynx is shaped slightly differently to other dogs. The breed is capable of making a multitude of other sounds and noises. Most notably a yodeling ‘howl’ or barooo when they are happy.

We have one season per year

Unlike most domestic breeds the Basenji retains some of its wild ancestory and like the wolf it only seasons annually. Basenji puppies are generally born in winter.

We clean ourselves like cats

Basenji are meticulous about being clean. They preen them selves like a cat. They also do not have a ‘doggie’ odour, rather they pick up the smells around them.

Basenji Breeders Victoria Australia

Basenji Breeders Victoria Australia

Ch Tambuzi Secret Keeper

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