Basenji puppy

Puppy Questionnaire

The answers to the questions below will help me give me an understanding of your needs and facilities. It is very important the prospective owners understand the challenges and rewards in owning a Basenji. That Basenjis are generally a long lived breed. That caring for a any dog is a costly exercise. The information will also assist me to understand where I many need to mentor and assist prospective owners in decisions that will directly affect the puppy and your relationship with it.
Privacy statement: The information provided is not given to any other organisations, breeders or other third parties. The information is only used in my further communications with you.

Puppy Expression of Interest Questionnaire



Are you looking for a dog to take to the park to play off lead? *
Are you looking for a dog that will chase and retieve balls and sticks? *
Do you own any other dogs? *
Do you own any other pets? *
Have you owned a dog previously? *


Do you rent? *
If renting do you have permission to have a dog?
Are you be able to provide evidence of this permission?
Does the home have a completely fenced yard? *
During the day is generally someone home? *
Have you heard of crate training? *


Have you considered that dogs need to be socialised? *
Have you considered training the puppy? *
Have you considered toilet training? *
Are you aware will need to get up during the night to let the puppy toilet? *
Have you considered that a bored dog can be destructive? *
Which sex are you looking for (selection may limit availability)? *
What colour are you looking for (selection may limit availablility)? *
Are you looking to show your puppy? *
Are you looking to breed? *