Basenji Club Victoria Specialty 2014 – 1 March

Property class judge Mr Len Reddie (Redial Basenjis, Australia) placed:

  • Ch Debrak On The Road Again (AI) (Ringo) first place in the prestigious gait class. This is the second consecutive time Ringo has won the gait class at this show. Previously, Ringo was awarded first place by Mr Alan Hunt (Pukkanut Basenjis, Australia).

Basenji Club Victoria Specialty 2014Ringo gaiting at about 12 months old

The Basenji Club Victoria Specialty 2014 breed classes were judged by Mrs Lisa Tyler-Jackson (Shernazar Basenjis, UK). Tambuzi was represented by Ringo, Arthur & Willow. Along with Colleen's Ch Tambuzi The Sherpaof Annapurna (Tobi). Also Lisa's Ch Tambuzi The Rinpocheof Qinghai (Ruby). All with more than respectable results:

  • Ringo was awarded first place in a strong line up of open dogs. He went through to win Opposite Best Open In Show.
  • Tobi was awarded second place in the state bred dog class. This was arguably the most nail biting decision of the show.
  • Arthur was awarded first place in the puppy dog class. He went on to be awarded the reserve dog challenge. And Best Puppy In Show.
  • Ruby was awarded first place in the state bred bitch class. She went on to Opposite State Bred In Show.
  • Willow was awarded second place in the minor puppy bitch class.

The kennel is very honoured with some wonderful critiques.

Congratulations everyone!

Bendigo Kennel Club Show – 7 Feb 2014

We were pleased that this show was held inside a large pavilion given the temperature outside. Hounds were judged by Mr G Markotany. Tambuzi The Sherpaof Annapurna (Tobi)  took the dog challenge and gained the final points he needed to become an Australian Champion - congratulations Tobi and owner/handler Colleen!  Tambuzi Secret of Roan Inish was awarded Runner Up Best of Breed. Willow was later awarded Best Minor Puppy in Group and then under judge Miss B Watt, against quality competition, went through to win Best Minor Puppy In Show. What a fantastic evening we had!

Australia Day International – 27 Jan 2014

The second of two shows commemorating Australia Day. Today the judge Mr N Erodotos (Cyprus)) had a dog challenge line up of sire Ch Debrak On The Road Again (Ringo) and two of his sons; Tambuzi the Sherpaof Annapurna (Tobi) and Tambuzi The Isle of Avalon (Arthur). Today Arthur beat dad (Ringo) for Dog challenge and he was later awarded Best of Breed. with a good entry of 10 Basenjis. Tambuzi Secret of Roan Inish (Willow) was awarded reserve bitch challenge and went on to be awarded Best Minor Puppy in Group. A great day for the kids!

Australia Day International Show – 25 Jan 2014

The first of two shows commemorating Australia Day. Today the judge was Mrs M Supronowicz (Poland) had a dog challenge line up of sire Ch Debrak On The Road Again  (Ringo) and two of his sons; Tambuzi the Sherpaof Annapurna (Tobi) and Tambuzi The Isle of Avalon (Arthur). Dog challenge and Runner Up Best of Breed. was awarded to Ringo and reserve to Authur. Tambuzi Secret of Roan Inish (Willow) was awarded reserve bitch challenge and was later run for best minor puppy in group, Authur was run for best puppy in group.

Bendigo Agricultural Show Society – 26 Oct 2013

Mrs Elizabeth Smith (Victoria) officiated judging the Hound Group at this show. The show was held indoors and the babies fared well with the noise of the wood chopping competition at the other end of the pavilion. Tambuzi Tutanekai (Raven) was first in the baby dog class and his sister Tambuzi Secret of Roan Inish (Willow) first in the baby bitch class. Tambuzi The Sherpaof Annapurna (Tobi) took Best of Breed. Willow followed up her previous class in group wins with another Best Baby Puppy in Group. This time she went one better and under respected all breeds judge Mrs Sandra Mashford Willow won Best Baby Puppy in Show. This was Willows 4th best class in group win and 1st best class in show win.