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The information recorded below lists DNA tests followed by the organisation that certified the test result. All DNA samples are collected by verified collection methods. This means that the DNA was collected by an approved person and that the dog was identified by that person by its microchip at the time of collection. I do not collect DNA samples from my own dogs.

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Registered NameDNA Profilecertified byHomozygositycertified byFanconi Syndromecertified byPKD (HA)certified byFactor VII Deficiencycertified by
Debrak On The Road Again (AI) Yes Orivet: 13-017488 74% MARS: 11-054923 Normal OFA: BJ-FAC2705/29M-VPI Normal Orivet: 13-017488
Tamsala Fire And Ice Yes GSS: BAS593 Orivet: 11-054943 Normal OFA: BJ-FAC1123/174F-VPI Normal Orivet: 13-017395
Tambuzi The Tamperer (AI) Yes GSS: BAS590 | Orivet: 11-054944 Normal OFA: BJ-FAC501/151F-VPI
Tambuzi Take That (AI) No
Tambuzi Tism No
Tambuzi Triekeei No
Tambuzi Kelele (exp USA) No Probably Normal OFA: BJ-FAC37/85F-PI
Tambuzi Tambulika No
Tambuzi Johari No
Tambuzi Tufani No
Tambuzi Totally Trifik Yes GSS BAS592 Probably Carrier OFA: BJ-FAC498/74M-NOPI-CAR
Tambuzi Totally Tamika Yes GSS: BAS631
Tambuzi Totally Taboo Yes GSS: BAS594Orivet: 11-054946 Normal OFA: BJ-FAC481/141M-VPI Normal Orivet: 15-092494
Tambuzi Totally ItN Abit No
Tambuai Totally On Fire No
Tambuzi Maximum Ovadrive Yes Probably Normal OFA: BJ-FAC478/50M-NOPI
Tambuzi Maximum Effect No
Tambuzi Maximum Impact No
Tambuzi Maximum Velocity No
Tambuzi Jeset Jensen No Probably Carrier BJ-FAC1418/30M-NOPI-CAR
Tambuzi Jetset To Jerlin Probably Normal OFA: BJ-FAC2615/47M-NOPI
Tambuzi Jetset Jaxon
Tambuzi Jetset Jimmy
Tambuzi Secret Keeper Yes GSS: BAS3972Orivet: 11-054948 Normal OFA: BJ-FAC946/66M-VPI Normal Orivet: 13-017674
Tambuzi Isleof Azzkaban Yes GSS: BAS3974 Probably Carrier OFA: BJ-FAC1080/15F-PI-CAR
Tambuzi Gubraithian Fire Yes GSS: BAS3973
Tambuzi At Light Speed Yes GSS: BAS22850Orivet: 11-054947 Normal OFA: BJ-FAC1057/53F-VPI Normal Orivet: 13-017667
Tambuzi Slip Stream No Probably Carrier OFA: BJ-FAC1084/3F-PI-CAR
Tambuzi Temperal Shift No Probably Carrier OFA: BJ-FAC1079/3F-PI-CAR
Tambuzi Singularity No Probably Carrier OFA: BJ-FAC1082/3F-PI-CAR
Tambuzi Warp 10 No Probably Carrier OFA: BJ-FAC1081/3F-PI-CAR
Tambuzi How Soon Is Now Yes GSS: BAS29208Orivet: 11-054924OFA: DOG29208 89% Mars: 11-054924 Normal BPH OFA: BJ-FAC3429/21F-VPI Normal Orivet: 13-017395
Tambuzi Boom Boom Pow Yes GSS: BAS29211 Normal BPH OFA: BJ-FAC4656/21F-PI-BP
Tambuzi Viva La Vida Yes GSS: BAS29212 Normal BPH OFA: BJ-FAC3472/21M-PI-BP
Tambuzi Se A Vida E Yes GSS: BAS29210 Normal BPH OFA: BJ-FAC4655/21M-PI-BP
Tambuzi Shut Up And Drice Yes GSS: BAS29209 Normal BPH OFA: BJ-FAC3458/21M-PI-BP
Tambuzi Take On Me Yes GSS: BAS29213 Normal BPH OFA: BJ-FAC4654/21M-PI-BP
Tambuzi The Sherpaof Annapurna Yes Orivet: 12-015728 Normal BPH OFA: BJ-FAC6239/24M-PI Normal BPH Orivet: 12-015728
Tambuzi The Rinpocheof Qinghai Yes Orivet: 12-015888 Normal BPH BJ-FAC6238/24F-PI Normal Orivet: 12-015888
Tambuzi The Lhkpa La Yes Orivet: 12-015770 Normal BPH Orivet: 12-015770 Normal BPH Orivet: 12-015770
Tambuzi The Kangchenjunga Yes Orivet: 12-015763 Normal BPH Orivet: 12-015763 Normal BPH Orivet: 12-015763
Tambuzi Secret of Roan Inish Yes Orivet: 13-034289 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-034289 Normal Orivet: 13-034289 Normal Orivet: 13-034289
Tambuzi The Isle of Avalon Yes Orivet: 13-021504 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-021504 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-021504 Normal Orivet: 13-021504
Tambuzi Tutanekai Yes Orivet: 13-026900 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-026900 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-026900 Normal Orivet: 13-026900
Tambuzi The Nine Worlds Yes Orivet: 13-023239 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-023239 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-023239
Tambuzi The Fian Warrier Yes Orivet: 13-021580 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-021580 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-021580
Tambuzi The Seventh Wave Yes Orivet: 13-023239 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-023239 Normal Orivet: 13-023239
Tambuzi The Valkyrie Yes Orivet: 13-034432 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-034432 Normal BPH Orivet: 13-034432
Tambuzi Lucian Yes Orivet 18190309 Normal BPH Normal Orivet 18190309
Tambuzi Elysium Yes Orivet 18190402 Normal BPH Normal Orivet 18190402

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