Dogs Victoria Amenities Show 2015 – 30 December

The first of two Dogs Victoria Amenities Show 2015. A night show and what a delightful night it turned out to be after a very hot day. Nice company with many friends at the show. Ms Dianne Lee was our judge this evening. Lyra and Arthur were entered. Breed honours, Best of Breed went to Tambuzi The Secret Society (Lyra) and Ch Tambuzi The Isle of Avalon (Arthur) was awarded Runner up Best of Breed. Aganist some quality competition Lyra was cut for group and was later awarded Best Minor Puppy In Group.

Dogs Victoria Amenities Show 2015

Lyra – B of B & Best Minor in Group
Dogs Victoria Amenities Show – 30 Dec 2015


Dogs Victoria Amenities Show 2015 Arthur – Runner Up Best of Breed
DOGS Victoria Amenities Show – 30 Dec 2015

Lancefield Kennel Club Show 2015 – 28 December

An early start this morning, 8am for the Lancefield Kennel Club Show 2015 way too early for Lyra and myself! Miss Jill McDonald officiated in the hound ring. Today Tambuzi The Secret Society (Lyra) was awarded Best Minor Puppy In Group against some very nice competition.

Lancefield Kennel Club Show 2015

Lyra – Best Minor Puppy in Group
Lancefield Championship Show – 28 Dec 2015

Lancefield Open Show 2015 – 27 December

Where I can I will always support Open Shows and our up and coming judges. Today Mr Bryan Manglesdorf judged the hound group at the Lancefield Open Show 2015. Tambuzi The Secret Society was awarded Best Minor Puppy in Group.

Lancefield Open Show 2015

Lyra – Best Minor Puppy in Group
Lancefield Open Show – 27 Dec 2015

Kilmore and District Kennel Club 2015 – 20 December

Today at the Kilmore and District Kennel Club 2015 show the hound group was judged by Mrs Barbara Doyle (Vic) who also officiated for general specials. Tambuzi The Secret Society (Lyra)  was awarded Best of Breed and Best Minor Puppy in Group. Very pleased to have the judge give Lyra a good look for minor in show.

Kilmore and District Kennel Club 2015

Lyra – Best Minor Puppy in Group
Kilmore & District Show – 20 Dec 2015

Maryborough and District 2015 – 12 December

Such a lovely day with friends at Maryborough and District 2015 Championship Show. Great company and great food. The hound group judge was Mr Graeme Missen (Vic) who also officiated for general specials. Mr Missen offered extremely positive comments about Tambuzi The Secret Society (Lyra) whilst she was on the table and during judging. Lyra, just over 6 months, old showed well for her class but didn’t gait nearly as well as she can for the bitch challenge. She was awarded reserve bitch challenge over two seasoned champions which is very encouraging. Later Lyra went on to be awarded Best Minor Puppy in Group against some quality exhibits. Finally being awarded Best Minor Puppy in Show! Needless to say this topped of what was a fantastic day.

Maryborough and District 2015

Lyra – Best Minor Puppy in Show
Maryborough & District Show – 12 Dec 2015

Belgrave and District Kennel Club Show 2015 – 12 September

Hound specialist Mrs Gwen Ford (Vic) officiated as the hound judge at the Belgrave and District Kennel Club Show 2015. The weather was a little bit cool but Tambuzi The Secret Society (Lyra) did very well in the baby puppy run off handled by Tony Wills she beat her brother Tambuzi The Master of Ascallon (Gus) who performed beautifully at this his first show. Lyra was awarded best baby puppy of breed and then went up against an absolutely stunning line-up (many breeds represented) of babies for best Baby Puppy in Group. So honored that Lyra was awarded Best Baby Puppy In Group against such strong competition. I was happy with that. But Lyra went one better and under General Specials judge Bev Watt (Vic) Lyra was awarded Best Baby Puppy In Show – so wrapped with that!

Belgrave and District Kennel Club Show 2015

Lyra – Best Baby Puppy in Show
Belgrave & District Show – Sept 2015

Don’t buy a lie

Most people would generally expect that puppies purchased from pet shops and/or online websites are nurtured in socially acceptable environments. Well think again! 

Thankfully, recent state legislation in Victoria will prevent pet shops selling puppies/dogs other than those pet shops affiliated with a rescue organisation who will be permitted to sell dogs for adoption. At this stage the same is not true in other states. Purchase a puppy on-line or from a pet shop and you are supporting puppy factories.

Case study – recent court action in Victoria
Dean Pearce his mother Phyllis and father John recently pleaded guilty to combined 200 animal cruelty offences at the Kerang Magistrates court in Northern Victoria.

This family left almost 200 dogs completely matted living in their own fifth including many puppies kept in raised wire cages where their faeces would fall to the ground to be left under the cage for months on end.

  • 31 dogs were found to be dangerously underweight
  • 35 were suffering severe matting on fur from fecal matter
  • 30 had dental disease
  • 10 ear infections
  • 3 untreated wounds
  • others heart murmurs, prolapsed eye lids and eye disease.

The dogs were living on concrete floors, with no heating or protection from the weather. The property was raided by the RSPCA in 2013, 2014 and finally, we hope, in 2015. During the court appearance the court heard that the business had earned $253,000 through 570 sales to pet stores I love Pets in Richmond and Top Pets in Highpoint Shopping Centre, both in Victoria. These sales took place in 2 years and 5 months until the first raid in 2013. Inevitably, in the horrific conditions found at this puppy factory, many puppies would have died before becoming old enough to sell. Adding this into the equation during these 29 months these people were probably producing more than 1 litter of 6 puppies every week.

The court heard a sob story that Dean who started this puppy factory in 1996 had suffered two car crashes and his parents said the dog breeding business was critical to his ‘good mental health’ – forget the anguish and mental health of the dogs they exploited.

When asked if he had a reason for not complying with the code, the accused responded “I’m that busy, I’m trying to run a farm”  “Something’s got to suffer, but my dogs are well fed” Mr Peace is quoted as saying.

His dogs are fed well? Then why were 31 dogs were found to be dangerously underweight!

The court heard he (Dean Pearce) got joy out of operating the dog breeding facility which supplied animals to Melbourne and the family was not motivated by greed or financial gain.

One thing is clear these dogs got no joy whatsoever with their life with these people – living in complete and utter filth, squalor and horrendous conditions.

I could not imagine buying a puppy online from someone you only meet on the side of a road when you collect the puppy. There is a very good reason why the seller would not want you to go to the puppy factory.

Buy your next puppy from a reputable breeder who is a member of an applicable organisation such as DOGS Victoria or adopt.

Halle is a mum

Please to advise that Halle is a mum. Grand Champion Tambuzi At Light Speed (Halle) safely delivered 6 puppies today, 29 May 2015. We have 2 red and white girls and 4 red and white boys. All puppies were delivered without problem and all doing very well. Halle is an exception mother – she just adores puppies!Halle is a mum

Coconut Oil and Basenjis

Coconut oil and basenjisI received the following warning from Dr Aine Seavers in relation to Coconut oil and Basenjis.

Hi all
It has come to my attention from clients in general that the internet is currently pushing coconut oil as a treatment – topical and oral – for so many ailments.

This oil must not be fed to Basenjis of any age but especially the old and especially in cold weather when we are most at risk of the dogs throwing ‘strokes’ or CVAs.

Coconut oil has always been associated with hardening of the arteries and clots – something most dogs are not at risk of – but they can be and I suspect Basenjis do have this problem due to low normal thyroid and high normal cholesterol and haematocrit.

The reference below is from the 1970s which shows you how long this has been known but yet ignored by Dr Internet!

“Thrombosis in association with atherosclerosis induced by dietary perturbations in dogs R Mahley, AW Nelson, VJ Ferrans, DL Fry ABSTRACT:
The distribution, severity, and complications of diet-induced atherosclerosis in dogs can be altered by changing the source of fat in the diet. Thrombosis and thromboembolic disease associated with atherosclerosis occurred with diets containing beef tallow and lard of coconut oil but were absent in dogs fed cottonseed oil as a source of fat. Experimental animals with and without thrombosis are of value as models in elucidating the role of platelets and thrombostatic mechanisms in atherosclerosis.”



Happy 16 Birthday Meja

Heres to a very happy 16 birthday Meja – my oldie – Ch Tambuzi The Tamperer (AI). Meja is progeny from my very first litter and was born 16 May 1999. Her sire Am Ch Jamila’s Madahiro Re (SDHR) and her dam Ch Tamsala Fire And Ice.

Meja’s photos (below) were taken in March 2015 – on top of a wood stack which was the only way to keep her still. The dam is a wonderful setting for photos but seeing how she ran home twice during the ‘photo shoot’ – I was puffed out running back to get her (she was fine) – I gave up on that one. Meja is slightly OCD when it comes to doors – she loves opening them! This includes my fridge (a wonderful trick learnt from her mother) and the screen door – to come back in – yes you heard right – back into the house. Meja still can hold her own in the pack and adores puppies – she endeavoured to suckle my last litter, but found she is a little ‘long in the tooth’ for that operation – so whilst mum fed Meja cleaned – team effort!




Beautiful Gemma – never forgotten | 1993 – 8 May 2011

Halle – ACES Eye Examination

Halle had a routine ACES eye examination today. Very pleased to report that Dr Robin Stanley’s conclusion was that Halle’s eyes are completely normal with no PPM of any kind. Halle was one of the first Australian Basenjis to be tested by the OFA for late on-set PRA (by DNA analysis) with a normal result. Halle will have one last ACES test when she is 10-12 years old.